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"Alana has a natural knack for knowing the right combination of challenging the students and making it accessible at their level, so they can succeed. She is integrating more advanced concepts with beginners because she understands music so comprehensively. I was delighted that my boys were learning to transpose even though this was their first year in piano!" - Cristy


"I had the privilege to receive trumpet lessons from Alana Johnson for just under a year. During my time studying with her, I experienced musical growth in leaps and bounds. She consistently gave constructive guidance and helped me achieve proficiency on my instrument beyond what I had thought possible. Her teaching style expertly combines a balance of technical skill and a rich understanding of musical nuance. I would recommend Alana Johnson to anyone who wants to become a better musician." - Sheldon, High School Graduate

"Alana Johnson has all the traits one looks for in an accompanist. She is professional, reliable, and responsible. An accomplished musician, Alana is completely capable of playing a wide variety of musical styles at any degree of difficulty. Her training and experience in music education have provided her with an insider’s view on the challenges that vocalists face, and she is willing and able to share insights and knowledge to facilitate their learning, working in a collaborative partnership with the director. 

Alana’s years as an ensemble player have honed her awareness of the conductor. She is responsive to the director and attuned to both the nuance of musical expression and her role in supporting the choir. Alana adds to a performance immensely, while never overshadowing the choir. Added to all these attributes is her sincere love of music, music education, and student musicians, and a great sense of humour. Working with Alana is an absolute pleasure." - Glynis Dawson, Department Head of Fine Arts at Belmont Secondary School

"For the past year and a half my 6 year old has been taking piano lessons with Alana. As his first music teacher, she has done a phenomenal job of leading him toward enjoying the gift of music making. The lessons have also increased my son's confidence and creativity - definitely time well spent!" - Ruth

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"I first met Alana when she did her teaching practicum at Belmont Secondary in 2011.  At that time Alana worked as the assistant musical director for Belmont Musical Theatre’s inaugural production of All Shook Up.  Since that time, Alana has worked with Belmont Musical Theatre as a vocal coach, a rehearsal accompanist and a musician in the pit band.  Alana is an accomplished musician, both as a pianist and vocalist.  As a vocal coach, she is precise and highly skilled, enabling her to help students reach their full potential.  Alana is always kind and helpful, and I always enjoy working with her." - Melissa Young, Theatre Director at Royal Bay Secondary

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